Mestre is my hometown. Well, actually it's two thirds of my "hometown". The other third is Jesolo Lido (wow).

Mestre is small. It's not even a city, since it's a fraction of Venice. Mestre was full of workers working in Porto Marghera, now it's full of wealthy people or, at least, those wealthy people are the ones you see around. Mestre has many expensive shops, where wealthy families buy expensive clothes. But Mestre has many closed shops as well. I was trying to represent my city, but since the last time I was here I noticed many closed shops. Moreover, the hospital that was almost in the center of the city is now destroyed. I ended up taking pics of those closed shops, some abandoned buildings, and some perfect examples of brutalism that defaced the city between the '60s and the '90s.

  • Year 2014

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